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Mario Lopez 0, Leftist Mob 1

It’s a very predictable carrot and stick game, and Mario Lopez is the latest sad victim.

The stick is having your job threatened.

The carrot is the absolution that comes from the angry elites after you confess your sins.

A few examples in no particular order.

Actor Gary Sinise, a Catholic convert for whom I have a lot of respect for his support of military families, at the last minute cancelled a large scale talk to the Catholic group Legatus in 2015. Why?

Because also speaking that day was Paul Darrow, a former male model who left the gay life and became an influencer for chastity. Someone from the LGBT thought police alerted Mr. Sinese’s show biz bosses and he backed out, citing “the controversy surrounding some of the participants, and their views on personal matters.”

Same thing happened with:

Bob Newhart

Molson Coors chair Pete Coors

Fox anchor Bret Baier

Remember former CEO of Mozilla Firefox—and inventor of Java Script—Brendan Eich was found to have sinned in the form of donating $1000 to support marriage in CA? Or former Atlanta Fire Chief Kevin Cochran was booted for including the biblical view of homosexuality in a book he wrote for Christian men? Or Professor Robert Oscar Lopez of Cal State Northridge who was canned when he veered off the orthodoxy reservation?

There are Catholic examples as well, such as low-information Catholic celebrity TV host Mario Lopez, famous for “Saved By the Bell.” This one is bad.

Mr. Lopez was interviewed last month by Candace Owens, who asked him about the PC tinseltown trend of promoting trans kids.

His common sense answer (“you gotta be the adult”…”just think about the repercussions later on,” etc) earned him a firestorm of leftist mob rage on social media.

Right on cue…I’m sure you can predict the next stage in the game, he made an abject confession of his sins to CNN while bowing to the rainbow flag.

Poor guy. Seems like a sweet person. But he wasn’t really absolved. And the mob is now motivated to keep an eye on him.


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