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Do you have any questions? Whether it is a question about your account, the dashboard, or how to update your profile, or anything at all, we are here to help! Please check the Frequently Asked Questions section below. If you need further assistance email us at: [email protected].


What is the Coffin Nation program?

Coffin Nation is a platform that facilitates edifying discussions, personal development and spiritual growth. It will provide you with resources, a supportive community of peers and access to top mentors—so you can continually improve along the way as you become a better father, or mother, a leader, a mentor to others in your community.

For whom is Coffin Nation?

Coffin Nation is for highly motivated like-minded Christians and conservative media consumers who are seeking personal and spiritual growth and want to understand and navigate the culture at a new level. Our members seek to become better fathers, mothers, leaders and mentor to others in their community.

Will Coffin Nation be of value to me if I am not a Christian?

Our community is mostly composed of well-informed individuals, Christians and people of faith who share the same values and worldviews. If you share the same values and enjoy unfiltered and independent media with a conservative angle, then yes, Coffin Nation is also for you. Topics discussed are centered around American culture and leadership but will often make references to Christian values and beliefs. Additionally, the two extra segments are centered around personal development and news commentary, which should be of interest to anyone who is tired of PC culture.

How will Coffin Nation help me?

Coffin Nation will give you access to curated, unfiltered and independent content with a conservative angle. It will also give you access to a strong community of like-minded people who are beyond tired of political correctness and who want to recover and restore the damage done to our culture since the silly Sixties. Finally Coffin Nation will connect you with mentors and A-list influencers who will teach you the tactics and give you the tools you need to understand and navigate the culture at a whole new level.

How long can I access the content for?

There is no limit on how many times and when you watch the videos. We upload fresh content every week and that content remains on our website for ever. We will notify you by email of all the happenings of the week and upcoming events so you don’t miss anything.

What if I find that the program is not for me?

I am confident you will love Coffin Nation. But if you don’t feel is of value to you, you can cancel at any time on your own, right from your account page. No questions asked, no need to explain why, so it’s 100% risk free. Additionally, if you cancel within the first week of your registration, we will refund 100% of what you paid.

How do I get access to the Ambassador Level privileges?

We will send you a welcome email a couple of days after your registration explaining all your benefits and providing a link for you to schedule your one-on-one quarterly live sessions with Patrick. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].

Do I have access to the forum, the live webinars and the Facebook group?

The interactive forum is designed for members to submit topic-based questions to Patrick and our mentors that are better discussed in a forum environment. This feature is only available at the Premium and Ambassador levels. Basic level members can submit their questions to Patrick via the Ask Away page on the website or inside the Facebook closed group, and during the live sessions on Thursdays. Patrick will do his best to respond. Basic members also participate in our live Hangouts with an expert each last Thursday of the month.

I already donate to Patrick Coffin Media. Does that give me access to Coffin Nation?

No. Coffin Nation is set up as an LLC, so we sell a service. Donations to Patrick Coffin Media do not automatically create an account here. We do give free accounts to donors who support us beyond the membership level amounts, and request access to this membership site. Coffin Nation membership provides us with a way to help cover our production expenses. To be able to expand, we need the financial support of generous donors.  If you register as an Ambassador member here and would like to cancel or update your donation amount, please let us know.

Can I cancel at any time? Do I get a refund if I cancel?

Absolutely! Yes. Note that all subscriptions are recurring (monthly or yearly). Please refer to our packages on the home page. If you’d like to cancel, just visit My Account page, click the Subscriptions tab, and then click the “Cancel” link on the right side. You will receive a notification immediately. If you do not see it, email us. Canceling will take effect after the period you subscribed for ends, you will still have access to the content until your term is completed (month or year). Your card will not be charged after the initial term ends. If you cancel within the first week of your registration, (or renewal) and want a refund,  email us, we will refund 100% of what you paid. If you cancel after the grace period has ended, we won’t be able to refund your payment. We do not send reminder emails about the renewal, please mark your calendar and if you only want to subscribe for one month/year make sure to click on the “cancel” button prior to your renewal date. Thank you!

How do I comment on the live sessions and each of the segments posts?

We use a unniversal and free service that uses a networked platform. To sign up for a Disqus account follow these steps:

  • Go to the Disqus signup page.
  • Enter your name, email, and password. …
  • On the next page, click I want to comment on sites:
  • In the top right corner, click the gear icon, then Edit Profile:
  • On the left, click Account:
  • You can update your username, then click Save.
  • You will receive an email asking you to verify your account.

Once you have an account you will be able to comment. If you don’t want your real name to show up, you can create your account with a different name, although we encourage you to use at least your real first name. 

How many videos a month do I get?


As of today, we produce three fresh, new video segments each week plus a live webinar. A total of seventeen to twenty new segments each month (some months have five weeks). However we feel that our community element is what gives value to our membership, as well as the regular interaction with Patrick and his guests via the lievstreams.

Do I have to open a Facebook account?


We use Facebook closed groups for weekly interaction outside of the website and Disqus inside the website. Both allow you to comment on each segment and communicate with Patrick and reply to other members comments. If you don’t have Facebook I encourage you to open an account to join the group, you can keep your account “private” and have no contacts or other activity other than our group. The forum allows deeper connections with members and mentors but is only available for Premium and Ambassador members.

Can I buy a subscription for a friend?

Yes! If you are an active member, please use this link to buy a Yearly Premium Subscription for a friend:

Additionally, use Code NATION25 and get a 25% OFF for a limited time.