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New Vatican Document Stands Up to Gender Ideology

I wasn’t expecting this. A remarkable new document “MALE AND FEMALE HE CREATED THEM: TOWARDS A PATH OF DIALOGUE ON THE QUESTION OF GENDER THEORY IN EDUCATION” was published this week by the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education.

It called gender theory, among other un-PC things, a “cultural and ideological revolution.” Booya!

Some highlights:

  • It frames the decline of the definition of the human person and of the family against the new sexual theories—”queer” and feminist—of the 20th century:
  • It gives a summary of the erroneous political debate from these ideologies:
  • Sex is a matter of biology
  • The union of soul and body as constitutive of the human person.
  • Link to the document
  • Prefect for the Congregation for Catholic Education: Giuseppe Cardinal Versaldi


In other words, it drills into the title, Male and Female He Made Them (Genesis 5:2) in ways that are offensive to worldly ears and a noxious odor in the nostrils of Jesuits everywhere.



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